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Hindmarsh Shire is nestled between the Big Desert and Wyperfeld National Park to the north and the Little Desert to the south. Now largely an agricultural landscape the low, sandy, rolling hills were once covered with Mallee Gums and shrubs evident in the numerous National Parks and reserves throughout the region.

Hindmarsh at times is a harsh environment, with summer temperatures often reaching over 40oC and regular frosts in the winter. This semi-arid region on average receives around 400mm of rainfall per annum. The native trees and shrubs, whose populations have been long shaped by fire, have evolved to withstand these extremes and offer a little slice of the ‘outback’ within Victoria.

These dry and often extreme conditions have shaped not only the natural environment but also led to the pioneering history and agricultural development as machinery and techniques were ‘adapted’ to deal with the challenges of the Mallee.

This is a land of subtleties. When travelling around our region take the time to appreciate the ever-changing environment, from grand River Red Gums around lakes and watercourses to barren saltpans and eroded sand dunes.

Fire is a pivotal player in the shaping and renewing of the semi-arid landscape. The grass trees and mallee gums are some of the first plants to recover after fire. Epicormic shoots emerge from the bark of the gums to cover them in a blanket of vibrant green leaves, kick-starting the regrowth process.

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