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How many times do you look up at night? A few, a lot, or almost never?

There is not much point when the city lights overpower our beautiful night sky. Well, it’s time to see skies that are so big and so beautiful that you can be forgiven for forgetting anything but the sight above your eyes.

While visiting us, don’t forget to look up!

Without the light pollution of big cities, the moon looks bigger, the stars seem brighter and the milky way and shooting stars will be more visible.

Whether you are an accomplished astronomer accustomed to our night sky, or a city dweller who is not, this experience will be unforgettable.

And if you would like some help download Google Sky (an addition to Google Earth and Google Maps) and go home rested, refreshed and marvelling at the difference between our sky and yours.

The Milky Way over Hindmarsh. We are renown for our big, clear skies and open spaces with no light pollution - perfect for stargazing!

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