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Dimboola Print Museum

In 1879 when printing presses were a new and exciting part of the industrial revolution, visitors would be met with the noise of the clanging of the presses, strong smell and stain of ink, the arrangement of hand-set type, apprentices wiping sweat from their brow.

Today, a trip to the Dimboola & District Historical Societies’ Dimboola Printing Museum is a chance to see a diverse collection of vintage presses acquired throughout Australia, including the original, all in working condition.

When the first issue of the Dimboola Banner was printed, brothers and owners, Henry and William Barnes, could not have guessed how the newspaper business was to change from their first issue in 1879 to what we see today.

A treat for typography lovers is the vast amount of loose type from the long-gone era of hand-set typography.



Visitor Information

Lochiel St, Dimboola

Contact: Dimboola Historical Society

Printing of yesteryear

The Dimboola Print Museum contains restored working examples of newspaper printing from the late 1800's.

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